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"Good managers can spot when systems are failing. The best managers have their team do it for them. The key is giving them a chance to speak." - Reid Hoffman

Our Existence is a single question polling software designed to gather meaningful data while aligning the values of the company with the people who drive it. We exist to create a workplace environment where assessment and engagement come together.

We have re-envisioned the way we gather feedback by creating a tool to interact with employees in frequent intervals. When there's a disruption of satisfaction in your workplace, you are the first to know.

Only 32% of employees will be engaged at work this year


We present businesses, organizations, and companies with the opportunity to ask the questions that matter, encourage transparent communication, and foster relationships among the people who know the company best. We know this because of research we have conducted with accredited universities, notable business leaders, and our own team of experienced professionals.

Over the past few years, many companies have shifted to spending more time simply engaging and taking care of employees than focusing on pushing them to perform better. Happy employees stay focused, productive, and want to help out the organization that has kept them feeling that way. It's that simple, and it is why businesses should put 2x as much energy towards engagement as they should towards performance reviews.

The Process

It starts with just a single question.

We understand that it can be incredibly important, yet incredibly difficult to be able to get a real sense of how morale is in the business. Discovering the culture that employees work in day in and day out can be very hard to do without truly honest feedback from the organization. On top of this, it makes it near impossible to grow an organization without knowing these things, and without helping employees as they develop in your company. Organizations grow and perform when they have developed and satisfied employees. How does an organization obtain that? They need to focus more on the problems that are affecting their training, engagement, and productivity.

By asking employees one meaningful question a day a company can get a digestible pulse of what is exactly happening in the workplace. One question leads to a 21.5% increase in responses and yields more honest feedback. Use to get real-time feedback from employees for less than 60 seconds a day.

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The Results

Companies spend time, money, and energy hiring, training, and engaging employees so that they can retain them for years to come. bridges the gap between an employee’s first day and the performance and growth of the organization. Use to retain key players, cut recruiting costs, boost productivity and performance, build a top tier culture, and to make more informed decisions based on employee insights.

It can be overwhelming to think about all the different areas of your company you could improve if you had streamlined feedback about it. We recommend starting by simply worrying about training, engaging, and boosting productivity with your employees.

This is your chance to listen to the organization as a whole and not just the vocal minority.

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